Flourish FAQs

Got a question about Flourish? See our FAQs below :)

Hero Background

Flourish is a messaging app like any other.

You can send messages, photos, videos, GIFs, attachments and more instantly to your friends or groups.

The big USP is, we use our profits to directly fund tree planting efforts globally :)

Flourish makes money through subtle advertising throughout the website and the app when it's released. Everytime a user sees that ad or clicks it, we get get a small amount of money!

We also intend to publish regular financial reports for the business so you can see what we've earned, and how much we've used to fund tree planting. We believe in 100% transparency and want to build brand trust so that you know we're always working towards our mission.

Although our website is live, the app is in testing at the moment. Whilst we make the finishing touches before release, we wanted to put up our company website where you can reserve your username ready to go the moment we open the doors! We also chose to add subtle placed ads live on the site, this means, just by reading these FAQs now, you're helping to plant trees :)

Once we open the doors, you'll be able to access our messenger via our web app as well as download it for iPhone and Android!

Flourish is made up of a small team of talented creatives, developers & most importantly people who care about our planet. We chose to use our skills to create a company that is setup to do good, giving back to the environment, not ourselves.


Standing for a better internet

Privacy Focused

We encrypt all messages!

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Transparency Is Key

We publish our financials!

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Building a Better World

A business that does good!

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