We're All about Your Privacy

One of the concerns that people have with modern technology and the services that surround them is privacy. How much do these companies know about you and what do they do with your data? With fears around personal tracking, the sale of personal information and more, Flourish understands peoples desire to keep private and have taken massive steps to ensure your information stored by us and your messages are kept this way. Learn more!

End-To-End Encryption

We don't think anyone in this world particularly wants their messages falling into the hands of the wrong people. That's why we've implemented end-to-end encryption to our app. That means any messages, photos, videos and documents will be protected and secured against falling into the wrong hands.

What Does End-To-End Encryption Mean?

Flourish end-to-end encryption ensures that only you and the person(s) you're sending messages to can read what's sent, and no one in between, not even us. Your messages are secured using locks, and only the recipient and you have what as known as keys that can unlock and read your messages. For even more added encryption, every message you send has a unique and different locks and key.

How does this work? Well, it all happens automatically! You, the end-user, doesn't have to turn anything on or change any settings. Your content will be secure, from the get-go, and privacy with it.

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