How Flourish Is a Transparent Company

At Flourish, we're focused on a mission, planting trees all over the world. However, as some people are, we know that occasionally we are going to be faced with scepticism over the legitness of the service. We wanted to write this blog post which breaks down our business, where costs are spent, what percentage is donated to the cause and lastly, how we intend to carry on transparency as the company grows.

Financial Reporting

We love the idea of transparency. That's why we publish quarterly financial reports. These are going to show exactly how much money we made from your app usage, and what percentage of our revenues went towards trees.

Flourish does not pay out any dividends to its owners. All profits stay with the company and will eventually either be invested or used for tree planting.

The Split!

Below is our break down of our income and how it is split:

Metrics What is this? Percentage of Total Income
Direct Tree Planting Funds that go directly towards tree planting where it's needed most. 60%
Reserves This is a pot of money that we hold back for larger environmental investments to help tree planting. 15%
Operations This includes the cost of paying salaries for employees, paying taxes, paying for our servers and domains, office costs, equipment, etc. 20%
Marketing This is running paid advertising to grow Flourish and with the acquisition of more users, more trees can be planted. 5%

How Does This Split with Actual Numbers?

Say that Flourish has a total income of £300,000 over the quarter. The revenue breakdown using the above splits would be as follows:

Metrics Percentage of Total Income Funds
Direct Tree Planting 60% £180,000
Reserves 15% £45,000
Operations 20% £60,000
Marketing 5% £15,000

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