Building a Better World

In a world dominated by social media, technology and the companies that build these services, you might think, why Flourish? Why another messaging app? There's already Facebook, WhatsApp and so many others that offer their users a way to keep in touch and message others - is there room for another one?

Flourish stands out because it is more than just that. We're a tech company set up not to make huge profits for ourselves, but for the planet, as we donate all of our operating profits to tree planting initiatives the world over.

Why Was Flourish Started?

The people behind Flourish love tech, we always have, the way it's connected and improved the world is truly incredible with new and interesting services coming out every day to make peoples lives better. The one that split the difference for us though was when we stumbled across Ecosia. A search engine based out of Berlin that planted trees with its revenue.

This company was at the height of forward-thinking, providing a service exactly the same as it's competitors like Google and Bing, but instead of wanting to make a profit for itself, like Flourish, its mission is to make money to help the planet, donating almost all of it's profit to tree planting.

Hearing this, it gave us a spark of inspiration. For the team, we've always wanted to be involved in projects that we're passionate about, projects that want to do good and the opportunity to start something that will make a difference.

Flourish was born.

Why Trees?

Flourish plants trees for a number of amazing reasons.

For the Planet. Trees are one of the most important things for the planet. Being the most effective way to suck up CO2 from the atmosphere, trees also contribute to water cycles, mitigate climate change as well as turn barren ground back into fertile, useful woodland and farmland.

For animals. It's no secret that many many forms of wildlife, including endangered species, rely heavily on vast areas of woodland for their habitat. By using Flourish, you can plant trees and help maintain habitats for the beautiful creatures that roam our planet and support biodiversity. Simply by planting a tree, you're helping shape and restore landscapes.

For people. Trees help lift communities out of poverty. The projects we support are adding to communities providing jobs in agroforestry and agriculture, providing an income for the people who need it most. This allows communities to eat fresh food, drink fresh water, educate their children and create better living conditions.

Trees are the link between everything -  by planting them, you're providing a way for people, animals and the planet to thrive side by side instead of depleting resources and creating endangerment. Incredible right?

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